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March 10

Rossini’s epic is set in ancient Babylon, now modern-day Iraq, a kingdom which flourished between the 18th and sixth centuries BCE. While the opera does include a handful of local details for color, including the legendary Hanging Gardens, Rossini and Rossi were more concerned with establishing a feeling of legend and wonder than presenting any true historical accuracy.

Enemy of the People
April 2018

An Enemy of the People  is an 1882 play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen wrote it in response to the public outcry against his play Ghosts, which at that time was considered scandalous. Ghosts had challenged the hypocrisy of Victorian morality and was deemed indecent for its veiled references to syphilis. Upon completion of the play, Ibsen wrote to his publisher in Copenhagen, Denmark: "I am still uncertain as to whether I should call it a comedy or a straight drama. It may may many traits of comedy, but it also is based on a serious idea.

Mary Poppins Jr.
March 2018

The “practically perfect” Mary Poppins Jr. takes the stage to bring magic and whimsy to the unhappy Banks family. Featuring classic songs like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” “Practically Perfect” and “A Spoonful of Sugar” this 60-minute production stars over 30 students and is appropriate for all audiences.



Greenbrier Valley Theatre’s Youth Education Program operates with a mission to provide ongoing, inclusive, quality education in theatre and the performing arts. 



Each season, GVT’s eclectic programming takes audiences to places near and far, real and imagined. Together, we have traveled the world, from Chicago’s Cook County Jail to a Russian cherry orchard and from a Monte Carlo casino to the memory of Maycomb, Alabama. Through theatre, the Curtain Up! Campaign (previously the Annual Campaign) will bring the world to West Virginia.


50 Years Strong!

The success of GVT began 50 years ago in a tent along the Greenbrier River, and with the help of dedicated patrons and talented actors, it has continued to grow. It started with local citizens like Ann Benedict who believed in the mission of the founders.